Advising Sheets

Advising sheets are designed for students pursuing a degree or certificate in a Business, Legal and Technology (BLT) Education Department program. Each sheet provides a recommended sequence of courses by semester. The sequence is based on 15 credits (5 classes) each semester. Students are not required to follow this sequence. Four classes (12 credits) per semester is a full-time load. Advisors are available to assist in creating a personalized academic plan that meets the student’s schedule and academic goals.

If a student leaves the program for a semester or more, the requirements in effect at the time of or subsequent to re-entry must be fulfilled. For example, if a student entered the program in fall 2010, took a hiatus in spring 2011, and returned in fall 2011, the requirements in the catalog for fall 2011 or later must be fulfilled.

Advising sheets, Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

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