Business, Legal and Technology (BLT) Education Department courses use different modes of instructional delivery such as face-to-face, online, hybrid, and television.

  • Face-to-face courses are held in traditional classroom settings
  • Online courses are on the Internet
  • Hybrid courses are a combination of face-to-face and online courses
  • Television courses are on the Hawai`i educational channels
  • Other modes or combination of delivery modes

The following courses include simplified descriptions and sample syllabi. Please see the Kapi`olani CC General Catalog for official course descriptions.

ACC 132 Payroll and Hawai`i General Excise Taxes
ACC 134 Individual Income Taxes
ACC 137 Business Income Taxes
ACC 150 QuickBooks for Hawai`i Businesses
ACC 155 Excel for Businesses
ACC 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACC 202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
ACC 231 (alpha) Professional Skills
ACC 251 (alpha) Midrange Accounting Applications
ACC 293V Accounting Internship

BUS 100 Using Mathematics to Solve Business Problems
BUS 120 Principles of Business
BUS 250 Applied Math in Business

Business Law
BLAW 200 Legal Environment of Business

EBUS 101 Teamwork Fundamentals


ENT 125 Starting a Business
ENT 130 Marketing for the Small Business
ENT 150 Basic Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs

Information Computer Sciences
ICS 100 Computing Literacy and Applications
ICS 101 Digital Tools for the Information World
ICS 111 Introduction to Computer Science I
ICS 141 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science I
ICS 211 Introduction to Computer Science II
ICS 241 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science II

Information Technology
ITS 124 Small Business Networking
ITS 128 Introduction to Problem Solving
ITS 129 Introduction to Databases
ITS 144 Business PC System Maintenance/Support and OS Installation
ITS 148 Visual Studio.NET Programming I
ITS 149AD Database Administration I
ITS 224 Help Desk Support Practices
ITS 227 Web Site Development
ITS 228 Visual Studio.NET Programming II
ITS 229AD Database Administration II
ITS 293 Information Technology Program Internship
ITS 324 PC & Network Security and Safeguards
ITS 327 Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language (DHTML)
ITS 328 Advanced Database Programming with VB.Net
ITS 344 Small Business Server Administration
ITS 347 Active Server Pages.Net—Web Development
ITS 381 (Alpha) Topics in Information Technology

MGT 118 Principles of Supervision
MGT 122 Organizational Behavior
MGT 124 Human Resource Management

MKT 120 Principles of Marketing
MKT 130 Principles of Retailing
MKT 150 Principles of Customer Service and Selling
MKT 180 International Marketing
MKT 235 Principles of Merchandise Management
MKT 260 Integrated Marketing Communication
MKT 293 Marketing Internship

LAW 101 The Hawaii Legal System
LAW 102 Legal Research
LAW 104 Civil Investigation
LAW 105 Law Office Management
LAW 111 Litigation
LAW 121 Law of Business Organizations
LAW 131 Real Property Law
LAW 136 Tort and Insurance Law
LAW 140 Family Law
LAW 141 Intellectual Property
LAW 145 Computer Applications in the Law Office
LAW 148 Legal Document Preparation
LAW 151 Estate Planning and Probate
LAW 166 Employment Related Law
LAW 171 Consumer Law
LAW 176 Criminal Law
LAW 181 Rights of the Disadvantaged
LAW 202 Legal Interviewing, Negotiating & Advocacy
LAW 203 Legal Writing
LAW 212 Advanced Litigation
LAW 236 Advanced Tort and Insurance Law
LAW 240 Advanced Family Law
LAW 282 Advanced Computer Assisted Legal Research
LAW 283 Advanced Legal Writing
LAW 293P Cooperative Paralegal Education
LAW 293S Cooperative Legal Secretary Education