ACC 134 Individual Income Taxes

3 hours lecture per week

Recommended Preparation: ICS 100 or ICS 101.

Face it! You are going to pay income taxes, if not now, then later. Learn about how the system works and you can minimize your taxes. Did you know that Uncle Sam will give you a credit on your tax return for taking a college class? Find out how!

Course Syllabus
ACC134 – PDF

Aloha everyone, my name is Amanda Russell and I’m a lecturer at Kapi`olani Community College. I’m gonna tell you a little bit Accounting 134, Individual Income Tax. In this course, we do a variety of assignment including calculation problems and tax return forms. Every semester we use at least one tax software that is used in industy, either for research or preparing returns. This is great experience that you can put on your resume, I emphasize research so even if you don’t learn everything in this class, you can still feel comfortable preparing your own taxes and finding the answers to your own questions. So I hope to see you in Accounting 134!