ACC 202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3)

3 hours lecture per week

Prerequisite(s): ACC 201 or both ACC 124 and ACC 125.

Recommended Preparation: ICS 100 or ICS 101.

Take your next step into the wonderful world of accounting! This course is where the rubber hits the road of in-depth accounting know-how! Find out how the pros structure their business arrangements, keep an eye on costs, and plan their profits.

Course Syllabus
ACC202 – PDF
ACC202_WWW (Online) – PDF

My name is Steve Young and I am one of the accounting instructors here at Kapiolani Community College. I am will share with you information about Accounting 202, Introduction to Managerial Accounting. This course will expose you to accounting in terms of how to prepare cash flow statements, operating and financial budgets, and perform financial statement analysis. These are all tools that you will find useful and helpful no matter what profession you decide to choose. Of course as an accounting instructor I hope that you will choose accounting as your major after Accounting 202. I hope to see soon in my class. Thank you.