ACC 251 (Alpha) Midrange Accounting Applications – MAS90/200 (3)

3 hours lecture per week

Prerequisite(s): Credit or concurrent registration in ACC 202 or approval of the instructor or Business Education Department chairperson.

Recommended Preparation: Credit or concurrent registration in ACC 132; 137 (133); 150; 155.

Comment: Students are expected to provide their own USB compatible high density electronic storage media of minimum size specified by instructor.

What accounting information system do most grown-up businesses use? In Hawai`i, the leading midrange accounting solution is MAS90. Discover how to manage this complex package through this class dedicated to get you up and running.

Course Syllabus

Hi, I’m Kevin Dooley and I’m here to tell you about Accounting 251B, Midrange Accounting Applications – MAS90/200. MAS 90 IS are the most widely use accounting software package used by medium to large businesses in Hawaii. You’ll learn all the basics about this program that may help you get a good paying job in accounting. You’ll also learn about the nuts and bolts of how to analyze an accounting system, and we’ll have team projects where you work with your classmates to develop presentations and events that you can be really proud of. This course is meant for students who have taken almost all of their course work and are nearing completion of the associate in science in accounting program. I’ll see you in Accounting 251B!