ACC 293V Accounting Internship (3)

3 hours lecture per week
1 hour seminar per week for one semester. Forty hours of work experience per credit. If taken as a three-credit course, then 10 hours work experience per week for a maximum of 12 weeks.

Prerequisite(s): Satisfactory completion of any Accounting program Certificate of Competence or higher level certificate/degree, or consent of program coordinator or instructor.

Comment: ACC 293V is repeatable for a maximum of nine credits, however, only three credits may be applied towards the fulfillment of the AS Accounting degree requirements. Letter grade only. May not be audited. May not be taken credit/no credit.

Round out your resume and get your feet wet with real-world accounting experience. Accounting internship also give you a great chance to meet with working professionals who can help in your job search. In fact, many KCC Accounting interns have been offered employment by the firms they interned with.

Course Syllabus

Hi, my name is Calvin Tan, I’m the accounting program coordinator at Kapi`olani Community College. I’m here to talk a little bit to you about Accounting 293V, Accounting Internship class. After you’ve completed all of your necessary training it’s time to test drive your accounting knowledge in a real work environment. You’ll work for an employer or a maybe a supervisor who is an accounting professional who will evaluate your work to determine whether you’re good enough to work in the real world or not. By working at an internship you will also find out which accounting field you want to work at in the future. If you’re good enough at your job and lucky enough sometimes you can turn your part time internship job into a full time employment opportunity. It has happened to some of our students before and it can happen to you!