ENT 130 Marketing for the Small Business (3)

3 hours lecture/lab per week for 16 weeks or 6 hours lecture/lab per week for 8 weeks

Recommended Preparation: ENG 50, ENG 100 or ENG 160.

Want to increase sales and make a profit for a small business? Take this course to learn how to write a formal and comprehensive marketing plan based on the business plan written in ENT 125. The student will learn specific marketing strategies they can use with their new business.

Course Syllabus
ENT 130 – PDF

My name is Tim Kwock and I lecture a number of courses in the BLT Department. Today I will be sharing some information about ENT 130: Marketing for the Small Business. This course will focus on the fundamentals of preparing and developing a strategic marketing plan focused on small and startup businesses. It is also one of the three ENT courses that can earn you a certificate in entrepreneurship. In this class, students will get “hands on” experience in writing a strategic marketing plan that will include data capture in the marketplace as well as competitive environment analysis. Marketing elements including product development, market distribution, promotion, and pricing will applied in a team project that will structure a strategic marketing plan. This class may feature guest speakers that are specialists in the marketplace in each of these areas that will assist students in completing their marketing plan. I look forward to seeing you in class soon!