ICS 111 Introduction to Computer Science I (3)

3 lecture hours per week

Recommended Preparation: ICS 101 or equivalent.

Comment: ICS 111 is intended for Computer Science majors and others interested in the first course in programming. Students are expected to provide their own USB compatible high density electronic storage media of minimum size of 128 MB or as specified by instructor.

This course is an overview of the fundamentals of computer science emphasizing problem solving, algorithm development, implementation, and debugging/testing using an object-oriented programming language.

Course Syllabus
ICS111 – PDF

HI! I’m Dr. David Nickles, an instructor here at Kapiolani Community College. ICS 111, introduction to computer science I is a beginning programming course. The act of writing computer programs is similar to the act of learning to play a musical instrument: Both contain elements of “skill” and “art.” There are a lot of little technical bits that you need to know how to use if you are going to write functional, robust, and maintainable programs. And the best way to learn these technical bits is to become familiar with the tools the language gives you, its built in functions, its operators, and its control structures. You will learn to read the official documentation, and the textbook among other resources as you build your skill. The “art” is how you break down the problems into sensible components, how you arrange these components into a tool your users will find useful. And remember, learning requires lots of practice just like a musical instrument.