ITS 124 Small Business Networking (3)

3 hours lecture per week

Prerequisite(s): Qualification for ENG 22 or ESOL 94 or higher; qualification for MATH 24 or higher.

Recommended Preparation: ICS 101.
Comment: ITS 124 may require hardware/software supplies for hands-on activities up to $50.00. ITS 124 was formerly ITS 104.

ITS 124 provides students with an overview of essential networking concepts, terminology and skills. The course gives students a fundamental understanding of the technological, business and legal issues related to a networked organization. The course also introduces the student to security concepts such as cryptography, digital signatures, key management and authentication. Some students may opt to take the CompTIA Network+ exam upon the completion of ITS 124 because much of the CompTIA Network+ exam material is covered in class.

Course Syllabus
ITS124 – PDF
ITS124_8WK – PDF

Hello, I am Hal Corcoran, an instructor in the information technology program at Kapi`olani Community College. ITS 124, Small Business Networking class is the first IT class for many students, so we focus on fundamentals such as IP addressing, routing, switching, cabling, and networking protocols. Students build networks in class both in a simulated network environment, and also with real switches, hubs, and routers like these. Each exam includes a hands-on component where you can apply what you’ve learned to build and troubleshoot simulated networks. This course covers much of the same material as the CompTIA Network+ certification, so some students take the certification test after they finish the class. Thank you and I hope to see you in ITS 124 soon!