ITS 128 Introduction to Problem Solving (3)

3 hours lecture per week

Prerequisite(s): Qualification for ENG 22 or higher; qualification for MATH 24 or higher.

Comment: ITS 128 was formerly ITS 103.

This course introduces students to programming logic and design, with a strong emphasis on building software in Visual Basic .NET. Roughly half of the course is spent learning how to design flowcharts and pseudo code (like an architect writing blueprints) and the other half is devoted to writing the code using the Visual Basic programming language (like a contractor building a house).

Course Syllabus
ITS128 – PDF

My name is Michael Paulding and I’m an IT instructor here at Kapi`olani Community College. This is ITS 128, Introduction to Problem Solving. Essentially in this course what you’ll be learning is how to write software that a computer can understand, the technology we’ll be using is Visual Basic.Net and in this course you’ll be learning how to write windows applications, some examples of what student have done in the past before keeping track of allowances for their kids, depending on what chores they do, keeping track of football scores, keeping track of golf handicaps on each course that they played. So welcome to ITS 128 and hope to see you soon!