ITS 227 Web Site Development (3)

3 hours lecture per week

Recommended Preparation: ITS 124; ITS 129; ITS 148.

Comment: ITS 227 was formerly ITS 157.

This course covers Web Site Development using HTML tags and Cascading Style Sheets. Utilizing the Expressions Web program, you will be able to increase your web site development productivity. You will design, develop, and upload your projects onto the internet and show your creativity to the world.

Course Syllabus
ITS227 – PDF

Aloha, I’m Dr. Steven Singer, and I’m here to talk to you a little about ITS 227, Web Site Development. ITS 227 is a required course for information technology students pursuing an AS in IT. This course helps students learn: 1) HTML, 2) Cascading Style Sheets and javascripts. The course covers Best Practices in both development and design of web pages and websites. As the technology changes, so do does the content of the course. The class begins using Notepad++ as the development tool, which requires students to more fully understand the structure of html and Cascading Style Sheets. In addition, students learn how to use a common FTP program to connect to and publish their projects. Later, the class moves to a rapid development tool to both develop and manage websites for themselves, hypothetical businesses, and nonprofit organizations. It’s a fun class, and lots of content. I hope to see you there soon! Aloha!