ITS 293 Information Technology Program Internship (3)

1 hour lecture/8 hours practicum per week

Prerequisite(s): Consent of BE department chairperson, Info Tech program coordinator, or instructor.

Comment: ITS 293 is repeatable for a maximum of nine credits; however, only three credits can be applied towards the fulfillment of requirements for the AS degree in Information Technology.

Round out your resume with real-world Information Technology experience. This internship also give you a great chance to meet with working professionals and practice the skills you have learned in the IT program. These experiences can be added to your resume as you move toward your new career.

Course Syllabus
ITS293 – PDF

Hi my name is Dr. Steve Singer, ITS 293 Information Technology Program Internship one of the final courses students takes before attaining the Information Technology associate degree. It is a cooperative internship course involving the student using skills and knowledge gained through completing courses in the Information Technology program. The course integrates classroom learning with supervised and structured practical experience in a workplace setting. Students will journal their workplace experiences and reflect on the positive and negative aspects of each. Students’interest, abilities and availability of practicum are considered when making practicum assignments. Soft skills such as positive attitude, good work habits, communicating effectively and being on time etc. will be emphasized as important workplace skills needed for employment.