ITS 381 (Alpha) Topics in Information Technology (3)

3 hours lecture per week

Prerequisite(s): A grade of “C” or higher in ITS 224, a grade of “C” or higher in ITS 227, a grade of “C” or higher in ITS 228, a grade of “C” or higher in ITS 229AD; a grade of “C” or higher in all prerequisites of the same topic; or consent of the Business Education Department chairperson, program coordinator, or instructor.

Comment: ITS 381 may require hardware and/or software supplies for hands-on activities up to $150.

This course presents contemporary Information Technology topics. The purpose of ITS 381 is to maintain currency with rapidly changing technologies throughout the world, with an emphasis in Hawai`i’s business industry. Topics may include networking (operating systems, hardware, operating systems, etc.); software (program development techniques, object-oriented design, electronic imaging systems, commerce on the Internet, etc.); and others as they emerge.

Course Syllabus