LAW 141 Intellectual Property (3)

3 hours lecture per week

Recommended Preparation: Credit in or qualification for ENG 100 or ESL 100.

This course prepares the student to assist a law firm or business in protecting the related intellectual property areas of copyright, trademark, and patent law. The course will cover the methods by which each type of protection is created, the procedures to register or protect each, the duration of the rights, and how to protect the rights from infringement.

Course Syllabus

Aloha. I’m Professor Susan Jaworowski. I teach Intellectual Property, LAW 141. There are three type of legal property: real property, like a home, personal property, like this phone, and intellectual property, often called IP, which is property created by someone’s thoughts. What specifically does IP law cover? Just think of the powerful marketing device of this logo. That’s a trademark, a type of intellectual property we’ll be studying. Music, books, and even architecture is protected by copyright, another type of IP. Last, we’ll also take a look at patent law, IP that protects inventions. As this is an online course, you’ll have to have reliable access to a computer to watch videos, take part in the weekly discussions, and do the assignments. I have a website you should visit to make sure you’re all set up before class starts.