LAW 148 Legal Document Preparation (3)

3 hours lecture per week

Prerequisite(s): Paralegal or Legal Secretary program major or consent of instructor; grade of “C” or higher in LAW 111; credit in or qualification for ENG 100 or ESL 100.

Comment: LAW 148 may not be audited. Supplies may cost approximately $25.

Recommended Preparation: Keyboarding skills; basic knowledge of Windows™ and word processing; and typing speed of 50+ words per minute are highly recommended.

This is an introductory course focusing on the basics of legal document preparation. It includes an overview of terminology, procedures, resources, and document preparation related to real estate, wills and estates, bankruptcy, business organizations, family law, litigation, torts, and contracts. This course includes hands-on instruction in the preparation of legal documents using word processing software and online forms.

Course Syllabus
LAW148 – PDF

Hi, I’m Estelle Ogawa, assistant professor in the paralegal program at Kapi`olani Community College. I teach a variety of courses in the program including LAW 148, Legal Document Preparation. In this class you will learn how to format a variety of legal correspondence as well as learn how to format variety of court and non-court documents. You’ll learn some shortcuts along the way and also the legal terminology associated with documents related to litigation, estate planning and wills, real property, bankruptcy, corporations, and so on. You’ll be kept busy in this course, and it will provide you with on-the-job survival skills and basic samples that you can take with you to your first day on the job. I look forward to seeing you in LAW 148, Legal Document Preparation. Aloha!