MGT 122 Organizational Behavior (3)

3 hours lecture per week

This course focuses on maximizing productivity in the business environment through an understanding of different personalities and how they are motivated; learn the communication process and where it can breakdown leading to misunderstandings; learn how to resolve conflict in the workplace.

Course Syllabus
MGT122 – PDF

Aloha! I’m glad you dropped by for a visit. My name is Dag. I’m a lecturer in the business, legal and technology education department. I teach Management 122, Organizational Behavior. This course explores key concepts and issues underlying the modern practices of interpersonal relations from the perspective of the manager. By studying dynamic topics such as values, attitudes, self- awareness, self-improvement, collaboration and teamwork, you will develop the ability to handle human relations constructively in the work environment. Through interactive class activities you will learn and practice these powerful management concepts. I sincerely invite you to join me this coming semester. Mahalo for your time, see you very soon.