MGT 124 Human Resources (3)

3 hours lecture

This course provides an introduction to principles, organizations and techniques of personnel administration, procurement and placement, improvement of performance, management and labor relations, remunerations and security and other services provided to the firm by the personnel section. This course provides the practical and operational knowledge of the responsibilities involved in personnel management within the business profession.

Course Syllabus

Aloha! I’m glad you dropped by for a visit. My name is Dag. I’m a lecturer in the business, legal and technology education department. I teach Management 124, Human Resource Management. This valuable course introduces you to the exciting principles and technology of managing the human resources of an organization. You will learn how to transform your employees to become more productive, motivated, and engaged to achieve the objectives of your organization. Through interactive class activities you will learn and practice these powerful HR management concepts. I sincerely invite you to join me this coming semester. Mahalo for your time and see you very soon.