MKT 130 Principles of Retailing (3)

3 hours lecture per week

This course introduces the concepts and principles of retailing and their roles in the function of marketing. Emphasis is on organization, operation and management of a retail store. Buying, handling and aspects of merchandising management will be presented. Topics such inventory and expense control, personnel, e-commerce, merchandise and sales promotion are also covered.

Course Syllabus
MKT130 – PDF

Hi, my name is Kerri Lum and I’m one of the instructors of marketing. In Marketing 130 – Principles of Retailing you will build a retail strategy for a business. You will learn the best way to choose a store location and how to build your store to promote the sale of your products. In addition to a physical retail location, you will also learn about the pros and cons of having an online site. Many businesses have both a physical and online store and you will learn how they can work together. See you in class!