MKT 150 Principles of Customer Service and Selling (3)

3 hours lecture per week

This course focuses on the principles and methods of customer service and selling in the marketing process. Emphasis is on the use of customer service to retain customers and grow revenue, the retail and business-to- business sales process and the various aspects of selling strategically. Students will develop a sales presentation and customer service program.

Course Syllabus

Aloha, I’m Geraldine Rojales and I’m a lecturer at Kapi`olani Community College. I teach Marketing 150, Principles of Customer Service and Selling. To be successful in any business you need to be able to do three things: attract new customers, retain the ones you have, and encourage former customers to come back. How do you do that? Well in this course, you will learn how to develop your own customer relationship management plan and also develop presentations as well as demonstrate it. So the class is a lot of fun because we have group activities, role playing, and this will improve your communication and presentation skills. Hopefully I’ll see you there! Aloha