MKT 260 Integrated Marketing Communication (3)

3 hours lecture per week

Prerequisites: A grade of “C” or higher in MKT 120; a grade of “C” or higher in MKT 150 or concurrent enrollment in MKT 150, with consent of instructor.

This course focuses on the application of strategies of all aspects of the marketing communication process of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, direct marketing and online channels to integrate and coordinate its message and media to deliver, clear reinforcing communication. Students analyze, integrate, and apply marketing communication tools appropriately and effectively in a targeted marketing campaign.

Course Syllabus
MKT260 – PDF

Aloha, my name is BJ Whitman and I teach marketing 260, Integrated Marketing Communications. This course explains what integrated marketing communication planning is and how advertising, sales promotions, direct marketing, and public relations impacts selling of a product and/or service in today’s business environment. It also discusses customer segmentation, promotional strategies, buying appropriate media. Students work as a team to develop, manage, deliver, and evaluate an integrated marketing communications campaign. I look forward to seeing you in class soon!