Information Technology Program Description

What is information technology?
Information technology services (ITS) is anything that deals with computer management and information sharing. The field of ITS is varied and professionals work with computer software and hardware. People in the ITS field work as computer support specialists, programmers, network administrators, database developers, technicians, and consultants. Nearly any career that has the management of computers and information sharing may be considered part of ITS.

The information technology program
The information technology program offers an associate in science (AS) degree and five certificates; including an advanced professional certificate. The purpose of the program is to prepare students for a career in the field of information technology. The program covers programming fundamentals, hardware maintenance, networking, database design and administration, and web development. Students also take selected business and general education courses to gain a perspective of ITS in business organizations.

Transfer option
The AS degree in information technology articulates to the University of Hawai`i-West Oahu toward a bachelor of applied science with a concentration in information technology. An advisor may provide detailed information about the courses required or recommended for articulation.

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