Student testimonies

The following are student testimonies about our programs:

“I am currently working for my mom who is a bookkeeper. She did not have time to really teach me accounting so I enrolled at KCC. Although some of the classes were time consuming, learning everything I did really helped in the accounting world. I’m glad I did it.”
Collette Iwamoto
Kapi`olani Community College, AS Accounting

“KCC’s ITS program allowed me to enroll in Hawai`i Pacific University’s master of science in information technology program and in August 2006, I graduated from HPU. With my degrees, I am currently employed at the Hawai`i State Department of Health under Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) as an IT Specialist.”
Melvin Inatsuka
Kapi`olani Community College, AS Information Technology

“Anyone who is planning on starting their own business in any computer area should strongly consider going to KCC. The programs there are designed so that you can start working right away and the teachers are experienced professionals who can help with advice and encouragement.”
Naomi Midori Stafford
Kapi`olani Community College, AS Information Technology

“I really appreciate the faculty’s support in getting my first marketing job where I was able to use the sales, marketing, and merchandising strategies I learned in class.”
Irene Shigano
Kapi`olani Community College, AS Marketing

“I believe the KCC paralegal program is a great starting point for anyone interested in the legal field. The curriculum provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge required in today’s legal market. Due to the program, I was prepared for any task assigned to me while employed as a paralegal. I am extremely glad to have been a part of the program.”
Voltaire A. Gansit
Kapi`olani Community College, AS Paralegal

“Getting accepted to law school is very competitive, even more so for non-traditional students like me who returned to school after taking time off to raise a family. I believe that excelling in the KCC paralegal program gave me that extra edge needed to get into law school. Thank you, KCC for teaching me the skills necessary for my legal journey.”
Erline A. Greer
Kapi`olani Community College, AS Paralegal

“After losing my job of 18-years in 2008, I decided to embark on a career change and I am glad I chose Kapi`olani Community College (KCC) and its paralegal program to help me on that journey. KCC’s ABA-approved paralegal program has offered me the skills, insight, and preparation to work in the legal community by providing a quality curriculum managed by a dedicated department and through flexible evening or on-line classes. One of the program’s main requirements is to gain an internship at a law office or law organization under the supervision of an attorney. KCC has prepared me for finding and fulfilling a paralegal internship by providing orientation seminars along with courses such as legal research, legal writing, legal document preparation, law office management, tort and insurance law, and litigation. There is also the required course, cooperative paralegal education, which accompanies and supports the internship from resume writing to thank-you-letters to sponsors so the student can get the most out of the experience. Additionally, KCC’s legal education’s director, professors, and counselor have all professionally instructed and guided me as I worked my way through the curriculum and the specific courses. The knowledge, practical experience, and confidence I obtained from KCC have made the transition between classroom and law office a smooth one and my internship supervisor is impressed with the skills I bring with me into her office.

I have also brought these skills along with me into my current full-time job at a government organization, and they have benefited me even before I earned my degree. After only two semesters in the program, I was able to get an upgrade because of my paralegal course of study at KCC. I will soon be earning my associate’s degree and will be looking out for another upgrade! KCC is the right place if you are looking for a paralegal or legal secretary education, or as a starter to law school. I personally know of several persons who have earned a paralegal degree from KCC and who are employed and thriving at various law entities in town. Graduates from KCC thrive because of the quality education, flexible schedules, and genuine care afforded its students.”
Ronald Diaz, Jr.
Kapi`olani Community College, AS Paralegal

“Personally, obtaining my paralegal degree has been one of the most beneficial and valuable educational experiences in my life. As you know, I’m here with the Prosecutor’s Office as a Paralegal Assistant II, gainfully employed and proud to be a graduate of the KCC paralegal program. I am very grateful to you, your staff, and the instructors who made that goal possible and attainable for me.”
Van “Bruce” Ohumukini
Kapi`olani Community College, AS Paralegal